I love that you have things for the smaller church. Most of us do NOT serve in a Willow Creek, Fellowship Church, or Granger, and most of the resources that I've been dealing with outside of Kidology are geared for larger groups than what we have. I can't say enough how thankful I am to be able to access this priceless resource!!
-Becky K.
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Reviews for CODE 2-5-2 Spy-Themed Curriculum

We are loving this! - 10/23/2016
Reviewer: Sarah Parks
We are 2 weeks into CODE 2-5-2 & the kids are seriously engaged in secret agent training! Their parents are loving that their kids have secret missions to complete each week. The material provided is excellent as there is plenty to use each week without needing anything extra so the leaders are loving it! So with the kids, parents and leaders all happy - what more can the CP ask for?! It's brilliant Karl - thank you.

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