I began in children's ministry at age 13, presented my first segment of a lesson and someone said...'hey! You're a natural!' I was hooked. In the last 20 years Kidology has been my chief source of ideas and inspiration! Thanks to Kidology I am still growing and learning! Thank You!
-Margaret Walton
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Terms for Kidology Open Source Curriculum

Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a teaching tool you download, remix, and share with others.  It consists of three 1-year programs:  Old Testament Chronological Study, New Testament Chronological Study, and Value Keepers of the Bible

Originally written by Susan Harper of Caring Hands Ministries, this comprehensive Bible curriculum was provided to share and distribute on Kidology.org.  This curriculum is made available "as is" and may contain legacy references to Caring Hands Ministries, a ministry that is now retired.  


Please direct all curriculum inquires to the Kidology.org Forums or via e-mail to support@kidology.org.
While this material is freely given for use in churches, schools and homes, permission is NOT granted to be published or re-posted on any other website without prior written permission from Kidology, Inc. Permission is only being granted for use in local church ministry, private home use, or Christian schools.
All of the material distributed under the name "Kidology Open Source Curriculum" is copyrighted by the original author.  However, you are encouraged to remix, tweak, and build upon this work non-commercially as long as you acknowledge and attribute Kidology.org as the source of the derivative work's origins, as well as continue the non-commerical nature of the material in future works.

Kidology will neither receive nor pay any financial benefit for or from such content and it is the responsibility of those submitting content to ensure that they have the right to submit the content they contribute. Kidology will not be responsible for content submitted that violates any copyright laws. We will, however, happily remove any content that violates copyright law, upon receiving notice of any such violation.
Kidology.org is excited to provide this curriculum, free of charge, for use in churches, homes and schools. We ask only that users respect the copyright and intent of our providing this material free of charge, by not reselling, re-posting, or distributing the material or using in any way other than is clearly intended as described on our website. We do encourage you to tell others about it, and ask that you refer them to the website rather than give away copies of the material. Use of this curriculum assumes agreement to these terms.  Thank you!

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