I have truly been blessed by all that I have used from the Kidology site ....I have had parents comment that their kids are teaching them things about the Bible they hadn't thought about before.  Your ministry is greatly appreciated!
- The Chapel Lady Ellie Dingess
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CODE 2-5-2 Spy-Themed Curriculum

A spy-themed 4-week series teaching kids how to grow up like Jesus!
CODE 2-5-2 Spy-Themed Curriculum

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Included in this recently de-classified series are four complete dossiers (lessons) that will teach your young agents how to grow up to be like Jesus... oops, I mean Agent J! The Global Operation Director (aka G.O.D.) has some fantastic plans for your recruits - but to succeed in the Mission in life He has for them, they must be trained to grow in Wisdom, in Stature and in Favor with God and Man. Your young agents will be prepared for a life of covert and overt operations to share Jesus with a lost world! This will be accomplished through:

  • Extensive Field Prep
  • Training Activities
  • Gadget Object Lessons
  • Tactical Scripture
  • Biblical Case Studies
  • De-Coding the Word
Series Contains:
  • Four Complete Lessons
  • Strong Biblical Content
  • Welcome Activities
  • Biblical Case Studies (Solomon, Samson, Noah and Joseph)
  • Four Fun Intro Videos
    (YouTube Sample)
  • Customizable PowerPoint
  • Small Group Discussion Guides
  • Object Lessons
  • A Fun Decoder
  • Take Home Papers
  • Practical Mission Assignments
  • Theming ideas
  • Helpful Graphics
  • Tons of Cool Content!
This is a series that your students will really get excited about! Everything you need for success is included in the immediate download. Take your kids on an adventure that will truly impact their lives and the world in which they live.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help your kids grow up like Jesus!

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