We were so happy to have you come minister to our kids this morning! The kids absolutely loved your teaching. It's the first time I've ever seen Mr. Incredible, Scooby-Doo and Shrek help tell the Bible story!
- Stephanie Jeffords, Cherry Hills Community Church
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Bringing Families Together

There's a reason why some families would choose to skip church for sports or other activities. The church needs to learn how to bring families together.

Nurturing the Childish Out of Leadership

When you look at a strong-willed child, do you ever think, "That's great leadership potential! All you have to do is nurture it!"

Dealing with Challenging Kids at VBS

With VBS coming up, attitudes and conversations can make a difference when you have a rambunctious group of kids.

KidCheck Series Part #1: Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children's Ministry

The "Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children's Ministry" is a 3 part series that discusses the nature of juvenile offenses, shares details on profiles of those that offend, and highlights the elements of having a youth safety plan that's an extension of your child protection policy.

Teen Training Session

Here is everything you need to hold a Teen Training Volunteer Session to inspire, instruct and instill confidence in your youth volunteers.

Are You a Carbonated Geyser?

Remember the parched and thirsty deer that yearns for a drink at the cool waters? Maybe it's time to rethink that imagery in light of New Testament teaching.

Jesus Isn't White

Does race or skin color matter when it comes to Jesus?

Now What?

Review of Salvation decision following a child's surrender to Christ.

3 Parenting Fears and How to Face Them

"What are you most afraid of as a parent?" This question evokes fear and uncertainty in many parents. How can you move from fear to rest and trust?

Discipleship Ideas for Divorced and Single Parents

When discipleship is the strategy, Deuteronomy 6:6-8 can be a reality, even for single and divorced parents. 

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Best Portable Screen

Hi! I am looking for a portable screen for our children's ministry to use with a digital projector. It does not need to be huge, but it definitely ne...

Worship Music for Older Kids

Hi! I am a new children's director at a church that currently meets in an elementary school. This fall I am planning on starting our Sunday morning ti...

Gospel Project Curriculum....

We just adapted it. As a whole we have found it useful. This is the second church and time we have used it. The teachers love the program and material...

Gospel Project Curriculum....

Stan. Did you use something different for the preschoolers or just adapted it. Did you find it helpful for the whole family to be on the same page. ...

Kids that Stay for Multiple Services...

Thank Karl for taking time to answer. My challenge is our format. We have a Sat. P.M. service and then 2 on Sunday with a Sunday School Hour between...

Kids Pastor Career Goals

For me, I have never seen CM as a "stepping stone" I hope to retire as a CP. With that said, I do think my role can expand at my church as I continu...

Multiple Services - Curriculum?

We do the same thing all morning services, but we did What's in the Bible in the evening since it was nearly half repeaters. But for summer we went b...

Kids Pastor Career Goals

So often as a children's we find ourselves focusing very much on our churches goals and what is required of us....but do you all have your own persona...

Large kidmins - your dream facilities

I dream of having an outdoor area, or at least an area indoors which could be made to feel like it was outdoors so that kids could burn off energy!! W...

Large kidmins - your dream facilities

RosieHerald, you could also post this on the Kidology.org - Let's Talk Kidmin Facebook page!...

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Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

10 Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

Tips for Teaching All Ages

This was a volunteer training session in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2014. The topic is ministry to kids of all ages - from nursery tips (how to quiet any crying baby) to preschool and grade school tips for relating to and teaching children.

The Vanishing Salt Shaker

Amaze the kids the next time you eat out by making the restaurant's salt shaker pass right through a solid table! No secret props, use only materials at the table. It's a fun way to connect with kids the next time you eat out!

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Walking with Jesus: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Christian Kids by Rev. Dennis Barta. This booklet will help children know how to live as a Christian after accepting Jesus as Savior.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #084 - May 9th, 2016
Learn what tech Pastor Karl uses to keep on top of a busy children's ministry. To survive in kidmin leadership, you MUST become a master of administration, organization and management - even if those aren't your strongest areas. Karl shares six techy tools that help him stay on top of the daily demands!

Kidmin Talk #083 - April 19th, 2016
It doesn't take long as a kidmin leader to figure out that children's ministry isn't all fun and games. In fact, it can be downright discouraging. How do you keep yourself "up" and be an encouragement to others when you yourself are facing challenges that fight to pull you down. Kids Ministry isn't for wimps... let Pastor Karl share some secrets to survival in children's ministry.

Kidmin Talk #082 - December 22nd, 2015
As we head into a New Year, learn the powerful secret to making your dreams and goals come true in the months ahead. We all want to improve and be better at who we are and what we do - this podcast will empower you to do just that!

Kidmin Talk #081 - November 30th, 2015
One of the basic responsibilities of a children's ministry leader or teacher is to equip children to use their Bibles. Long after we are gone, the Bible will be available to help kids, if we have trained them to use it. In this podcast gain some practical ideas for making the Bible exciting to kids!

Kidmin Talk #080 - October 30th, 2015
What can Kidmin's learn from the Saga of Star Wars? Surprisingly, because of it's massive success, Star Wars almost didn't happen. George Lucas stuck to a vision he had, despite incredible odds, and prevailed. The rest is history. What is the lesson for us who lead kids ministires?

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian


Who Are You Investing In?

The Rewards May Be Grander Than You Can Imagine

There once was a ten years old boy who enjoyed a children’s evangelist who visited his church. The boy loved the evangelist’s object lessons, Gospel illusions, ventriloquism, and fun way of communicating with children. Afterwards, the boy told his mom that he wanted to do the same thing when he grew up. The boys mom responded by saying, “If God is calling you to minister to kids, what’s growing up got to do with it? You can start now.” Soon this boy was teaching in Sunday School, serving in Awana, and doing Gospel magic shows in area churches.

The evangelist had no idea the impact he had made on this young boy until over a decade later when they were reunited by chance – when the boy was a Bible college student preparing for a career in children’s ministry. When the evangelist, Barney Kinard, learned of the seed he had planted and saw the growth that had happened over the years, he started to invest in this young man. He listened as the boy talked of big (and crazy) ideas for ways to reach kids and equip and encourage children’s workers around the world.

Barney taught, coached, critiqued, ate pizza, and exchanged ideas on regular visits to invest in this young man. Now, decades later, they are still doing ministry together through Kidology.org. Yes, I am that boy. I am so thankful for the countless hours of time and wisdom that have been poured into me. Just this week we ministered together at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Barney opened doors for me, gave me valuable tips and advice, shared and provided ministry experiences – but most of all, he believed in me.

Who are you investing in? Who are you helping? Have you seen a child who has responded to your ministry? Don’t stop there – pour into them and you never know what God will do through them.

P.S. You too can benefit from Barney’s wisdom and experience though Kidology Coaching. Let Barney or one of our other coaches pour into you!

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