I bought the tape of Karl's class ("Help, I'm in Charge of the Children's Ministry") and we (John and I) have both listened to it twice and have given it to our senior pastor. It will be a "classic" soon. Thanks for giving so much of yourself! WE APPRECIATE YOU!
- Shelly Sexton
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Got Kidmin questions? Need advice? Want to connect with other Kidmin leaders and volunteers? Check out Kidology's Let's Talk Kidmin group on Facebook!

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Need help from a veteran children's ministry professional? Consider Kidology Coaching, where a dedicated coach guides you through foundational areas of ministry.


Find out how you can gain access to multiple curriculum options in one place for one price!

Next Steps for Kids

Lead your kids through the Next Steps in their spiritual journey.

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Make your children's ministry dollars stretch farther by shopping for bargains on gently-used items in the Kidology Garage Sale!

Andy and the Ants Companion Lesson

 A new companion lesson is available for Karl's book, Andy and the Ants. Use ants to teach kids about the incarnation!

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Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. DiscipleTown has what you need!

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The Two-Adult Rule - The Preferred Standard for Abuse Prevention

The two-adult rule, often referred to as the Rule of Two, is critical to implement and is the preferred standard for abuse prevention. Understanding the established ratios for adults and children and maintaining adequate staffing goes a long way towards providing a safe environment.

Fear Not Video

This is a fun intro video on the topic of fear that gives the technical names of funny (but real) fears that people have.

Fun Spiral Video

Just a fun looping spiral video for while asking kids to use their imaginations.

Your KidMin is NOT "New Family" Friendly

How kid-friendly is your church? 

The FAST Acronym

How does your ministry or you as a ministry leader handle the occasional unhappy or frustrated church attendee?

Safe and Secure Training Video

A Child Security Training Video for use in Your Ministry.

Which is Better?

Teaching on Forgiveness and the transition from animal sacrifices to Jesus, the lamb of God, these are some ideas you can use!


The Old Testament Book Names can be doozies! Here is a simple fun way to introduce a book, using Leviticus as a sample.  

ZOOMING IN Video 3 - Fidget Spinner

Another video Karl made for introducing a lesson in the ZOOM Series from GO! Curriculum at his church. Used for talking about Zooming in and out over the Bible - the different between topical overview and digging in close to the details. This one zooms in on the most popular toy in America right now - the fidget spinner!

Security Tag Signs

Signs for both the Check-in area and classrooms stating the importance and requirement to use the security tags for pick up.

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KidCheck check in system

It always great to see a good discussion on children's check-in. For more information, you might want to take a listen to the most recent podcast #101...

I need some ideas for series on obedience

I would love to see your lessons. I have a 2 day event coming up....and obedience is my theme. The parents are attending a Ted Tripp seminar....

LAB #1: First Things First

Kandice, Wow, thank you so much for your note. I am so thankful that this video had such an impact on you - you are right, children's ministry leader...

KidCheck check in system

What do you mean by kids check themselves in? Don't you have parents check their kids in? Just wondering what that means exactly, unless you are only ...

KidCheck check in system

Sorry, we use ACS. The kids are able to check theirselves in and attendance is automatically sent to our Administrative Secretary responsible for kee...


Does anyone else use ProPresenter for Children's Worship? Been using it over a year now and love it. But I can't find a good source of games to downl...

LAB #1: First Things First

So glad I 'was lead' to your website! I watched your video "FTF" and was convicted not to just scratch the surface of Children's Ministry but to dig ...

#101 OT Teacher Resources

Has anyone used the OT39 coloring book with this series? Can I copy for church use or do I have to order a book for each student? ...

KidCheck check in system

Hey who uses KidCheck for thier ministry? What do you like, dislike or needs improvement. we are considering it and would love some feedback. ...

Brainstorm Transitions Time Ideas

At this point no, there are not single rooms large enough. ...

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Walk Through Paper!

In this Kidology Lab, Karl Bastian, the Kidologist - shows you an amazing trick you can do for your kids, with a bonus fun gag that always gets a laugh. Without cutting the edges of a normal piece of paper, Karl will show you how to cut a hole in the paper large enough for an entire person to pass through. Sounds impossible! It is, unless you know the secret.

The Amazing Quarter and Dime trick

In this Kidology Lab, Karl shows you how to pass a quarter through a hole the size of a dime. It's impossible! (Unless you know the secret.) It's a great object lesson on how God can do the impossible!

Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

10 Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

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Associate Director of Children's Ministries
There is a Associate Director of Children's Ministries job opening in TX

Director of Family Ministries
There is a Director of Family Ministries job opening in CA

Director of Family Ministries
There is a Director of Family Ministries job opening in IN

Associate for Children and Youth
There is a Associate for Children and Youth job opening in WA

Director of Children's Ministries
There is a Director of Children's Ministries job opening in TX

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Walk Together Children
Walk Together Children Publications is committed to providing high-quality Christian resources for churches and individuals. We are a literary and educational consulting company dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, moral, and literary support of children and adults.

I'm The Story
I'm The Story provides the world's best personalized classic books for children and adults. Our books are gateways to other worlds. Customize yours today!!

Creative Arts Store
Give you the Resources To Creatively Expand Your Ministry.

DiscipleZone Resources at Grace Church
Walking with Jesus: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Christian Kids by Rev. Dennis Barta. This booklet will help children know how to live as a Christian after accepting Jesus as Savior.

Impress Kids
Impress Kids is Bible memory games for this generation of children. Impress Kids is used in Christian churches, homes, and day schools, and everywhere else boys and girls around the world are becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #101 - September 16th, 2017
It's a dangerous digital world for kids. As parents and children's ministry leaders, we need to keep our kids safe. There are many tools available today to keep kids safe. Alex Smith, president of KidCheck and father of five, joins Karl to discuss this topic. Lots of helpful ideas are the result!

Kidmin Talk #100 - August 11th, 2017
Let's Celebrate! It is Kidmin Talk #100! It was recorded LIVE via Facebook Live and is now here with show notes. Karl talks timeless truth versus fads and provides his second week report as a new children's pastor!

Kidmin Talk #099 - August 4th, 2017
Pastor Karl Bastian reports, via Facebook Live, at the end of his first week as a new children's pastor at a church in Colorado. What did he do during that first week? What is most important to do at the beginning? Find out! And let him know if you'd like further reports like this!

Kidmin Talk #098 - June 20th, 2017
Karl Bastian, the Kidologist from Kidology.org, invites John Mobley onto the show to have a Kidmin Talk about Creativity! John is known as Johnny Magic in the Indianapolis area and is one of the most creative people Karl knows. If you don't think you are creative - think again! This podcast will give you some practical ideas on how you can unleash your own creativity!

Kidmin Talk #097 - June 13th, 2017
Karl Bastian, aka the Kidologist, from Kidology.org invites Pastor Craig Wilson onto the show to talk about creative ways to reach the kids who don't go to your church. Incredible ministry in church is great - but what about the children who will never walk through your doors? Don't they need to learn about Jesus too? How can you creatively reach them?

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian


Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital Age

Kidmin Talk Podcast #101

Kids today live in a dangerous digital world. As parents and children's ministry leaders, we need to keep our kids safe. Thankfully, there are many tools available today to do just that. But do you know what they are? Alex Smith, president of KidCheck and father of five, joined me to discuss this topic. 

KidCheck provides safe check-in systems for churches, and they encourage you to have one in your kids area. But whether you use KidCheck or another system, the point is that you need to keep your kids safe.

Be sure to listen in on this episode of Kidmin Talk for lots of helpful ideas for implementing child safety in your church!

PS: If you are looking for a Check-In System for your Kidmin, be sure to give KidCheck a look. And if you're a Premium All Access Member, you even get a discount when you sign up via Kidology!

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