I began in children's ministry at age 13, presented my first segment of a lesson and someone said...'hey! You're a natural!' I was hooked. In the last 20 years Kidology has been my chief source of ideas and inspiration! Thanks to Kidology I am still growing and learning! Thank You!
-Margaret Walton
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Easter Resources Guide

Seeking egg-selent holiday resources? You should explore our Easter Resources Guide in the Kidology Store!

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For 20 years, Kidology.org has remained the leader in content and services for those who minister to kids! Click over to wish Kidology a Happy Birthday!


We know children's ministry moves fast. Sometimes you need a resource, tool, or curriculum ASAP. Kidology is here to help. Your kidmin resource is just a click away!


Jammed Packed with Bright Ideas

24 Kidmin Experts share their best ideas for object lessons, crafts, games, worship, missions, teaching, technology, leadership, and more!

Join the Hunt this Easter!

Resurrection Clue Hunt is a deduction game exploring the story of Jesus' death & resurrection. Great for small groups & ideal for Easter!

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Make your children's ministry dollars stretch farther by shopping for bargains on gently-used items in the Kidology Garage Sale!

Registration OPEN for Yosemite Summit 2015

Yosemite Summit is a 5-day personal sabbatical for male children's pastors that takes place May 17-21, 2015 at Yosemite National Park. Register TODAY!

Kids Bulletins Now Available

Kidsword Children's Worship Bulletins -- available for two age groups -- are $2 off for Kidology Premium Members

Curriculum for Any Church!

Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. DiscipleTown has what you need!

How do you spell S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N?

U-Turn Cards -- new from Karl Bastian -- create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrate the "Romans Road" salvation message.

Easter Resources on Kidology

 Find all your Easter Resources on Kidology.org!

Discovering God's Path Curriculum

Discovering God's Path Curriculum is a 3-year reproducible curriculum released FREE on a rotating quarterly basis as a benefit for Kidology Premium Members

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Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a FREE set of tools you download, remix, and share with others!  Budget-friendly 3-year curriculum for church, home, & school

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Do You Want To Have A Frozen Party?

Complete plans for an outreach event/party that uses Disney's movie, Frozen, for the theme.

5 Things You Should Tell Kids in Your Church

5 things to teach your children that never grow old or stale. 

What Does God Think About Your Child?

Jesus loved all children passionately. So how should you love the children in your care?

Teaching Kids about the 12 Disciples

Are you teaching on Jesus' Disciples? Here's a lesson plan to use in the classroom. 

Leading Alone

Do you often feel lonely? Find out where you need to focus your energy to create and foster healthy relationships.

Pizza, Pornography and Meeting New People: A Look Inside Our Kids Digital World

Our kids live in a digital age. To say that times have changed since we were kids is a gross understatement. But how are we doing at keeping up with those changes? How can we stay ahead of the digital curve and keep our kids safe?

Getting Back in the Tube

This article addresses getting "back in the saddle" when you have been thrown from the horse. Only in this case, the illustration used was getting back in the inner tube after body surfing through the rapids.

You Know You Grew Up In The Church When...

Funny story from a church kid...

Are you working too much?

Are you working too many hours each week? Are you in danger of experiencing burnout? Do you work for your boss or for the Lord? How many hours do you think God really wants you to work? Find some encouragement for saying no and setting up boundaries. 

My Favorite Productivity Tools

Read these short reviews on some newer apps that can help you take control of your life.

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Metro Ministries Ten commandments

I like in Denver area and used to have that! Good stuff. Here is another to consider....

Metro Ministries Ten commandments

I am looking for the 10 Commandments curriculum from the boom box with Metro ministries its old but I would love to use it for sidewalk sunday school ...

Kidmin Talk #77 - Connecting with Kids

This is a great podcast for some of my volunteers who have felt this year like they weren't connecting as well as in the past. Thanks for another supe...

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Has anyone used this movie for a Bible study for children. I'm looking at using it for a day retreat and wondered if anyone had some ideas....

Kidmin Talk #77 - Connecting with Kids

I love it when my iTunes Podcasts updates and I see a new KidMin Talk episode! I truly enjoy the show! Thanks so much for taking some time to say tha...

Kindergarten kids placement?

Here the kindergarten at the public school is in the pre-k building. OUr church followed suit by moving the kindergarten to the pre-k hall. Parents o...

Children’s Ministry Interns

Do any of you have interns in your ministries in the summer? I am a big believer in internships, training up of the next generation. Here is our list ...

Kid Church in Main Service

Frank- I checked them out. The pictures were hard to see, but it seems like a cool idea....

Kindergarten kids placement?

We have 4-11 all together for activities and worship, then the 4-6 (preschool and kindergarten) year olds split off and have their own teaching and cr...

Kidmin Talk #77 - Connecting with Kids

I love it when my iTunes Podcasts updates and I see a new KidMin Talk episode! Loved the topic of this episode! Connecting with Kids is a Priority! I...

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New in Online Training

Tips for Teaching All Ages

This was a volunteer training session in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2014. The topic is ministry to kids of all ages - from nursery tips (how to quiet any crying baby) to preschool and grade school tips for relating to and teaching children.

The Vanishing Salt Shaker

Amaze the kids the next time you eat out by making the restaurant's salt shaker pass right through a solid table! No secret props, use only materials at the table. It's a fun way to connect with kids the next time you eat out!

The Sugar Packet Puzzle

Here is a fun, challenging but entertaining puzzle you can do with kids right at the table in a restaurant. It's so easy it's hard! But the kids will have a fun time as you connect with them through this handy game.

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Children's Minister
There is a Children's Minister job opening in IN

Director of Children's Ministry
There is a Director of Children's Ministry job opening in PA

Director of Children's Ministry
There is a Director of Children's Ministry job opening in AL

Children's Minister/Director
There is a Children's Minister/Director job opening in TX

Children's Pastor
There is a Children's Pastor job opening in PA

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New in the Resource Directory

KidSpot Inc.
KidSpot is more than a curriculum. It's all the resources you will need to create an unforgettable day camp experience for your kids!

Mr. Heath Music
It's children's comedy hour with Mr. Heath! If you want children's entertainment that's fun, faith-focused, engaging and interactive you should definitely hire Mr. Heath.

Impress Kids
Impress Kids is a Bible memory solution for this generation of children. We are leveraging Web and mobile devices to make Bible memory as effective as possible.

Impress Kids is in Christian churches, homes, and day schools, and everywhere else boys and girls around the world are becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

Heart of Holiness
Heart of Holiness offers services to local churches all throughout the US. We offer coaching for children, youth, and family ministries. In addition to these, discipleship coaching and seminars.

NewSpring Network
NewSpring Network is a part of NewSpring Church that helps serve other churches any way that we can! We offer our children's ministry, KidSpring, curriculum for free on our website newspringnetwork.com under Resources.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #077 - February 24th, 2015
Karl reveals 10 Practical Tips for connecting with kids. Learn the secrets of forming meaningful friendships with kids so you can have a lasting impact while seeing your effectiveness as a teacher improve.

Kidmin Talk #076 - January 29th, 2015
By popular demand, Gus is back as Karl shares "The Three Secrets" for being an effective teacher/minister to kids. Apply these, and something amazing will happen soon in your kidmin!

Kidmin Talk #075 - November 25th, 2014
Karl shares some of his secrets for connecting with kids as they arrive at church using humor, props and strategic questions.

Kidmin Talk #074 - November 7th, 2014
Kids ask the craziest questions! Karl shares two stories of kids stumping him. One where a kid caught him teaching something unbiblical that you probably are too! And another who had a question the whole pastor staff couldn't answer, but a NASCAR fan could! Be reminded of the importance of encouraging kids to challenge us!

Kidmin Talk #073 - October 8th, 2014
After two months of podcast silence Karl returns with an update on Kidology.org's 20th birthday and other news and updates for his faithful podcast listeners, and also asks for some input on podcast format. Listen in!

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian

Connecting with Kids

You don't want to be just an administrator of a ministry or a manager of programs. You don't even want to just be a great teacher. You want to help transform the lives of kids. 

The secret is to follow the example of Jesus. Sure, he was the master teacher - but it was his relational approach to ministry that transformed the world. If you want to have an eternal impact you need to learn how to connect with kids relationally. 

In Karl's latest podcast he gives away ten of his secrets for connecting with kids. Be sure to post some of your ideas in the forum discussion after listening.

Listen to Connecting with Kids now! 


Because Jesus Loves Children, 

Karl Bastian
aka "The Kidologist"

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