"Kidology's middle name is creativity!"
- Scott Turansky
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Kidology is Turning 20!

For 20 years, Kidology.org has remained the leader in content and services for those who minister to kids! Click over to wish Kidology a Happy Birthday!

Listen to Kidmin Talk!

Check out the free audio episodes in our podcast, Kidmin Talk. C'mon over and open your ears!


ALL NEW Christmas Bible Bingo

REVISED AND UPDATED for 2014! Christmas Bible Bingo is designed to help kids remember the "reason for the season." Get yours today!

Thanksgiving Single Lesson

Operation Thanks is a single Thanksgiving lesson that challenges kids to show thanks in creative ways.

Jammed Packed with Bright Ideas

24 Kidmin Experts share their best ideas for object lessons, crafts, games, worship, missions, teaching, technology, leadership, and more!

Don't Get the Gimmie! Gimmie!'s

Get this fast-paced, holiday trading game that illustrates thankfulness vs. selfishness!

Buy USED and SAVE in the Garage Sale

Make your children's ministry dollars stretch farther by shopping for bargains on gently-used items in the Kidology Garage Sale!

Registration OPEN for Yosemite Summit 2015

Yosemite Summit is a 5-day personal sabbatical for male children's pastors that takes place May 17-21, 2015 at Yosemite National Park. Register TODAY!

Kids Bulletins Now Available

Kidsword Children's Worship Bulletins -- available for two age groups -- are $2 off for Kidology Premium Members

Curriculum for Any Church!

Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. DiscipleTown has what you need!

How do you spell S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N?

U-Turn Cards -- new from Karl Bastian -- create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrate the "Romans Road" salvation message.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum

Discovering God's Path Curriculum is a 3-year reproducible curriculum released FREE on a rotating quarterly basis as a benefit for Kidology Premium Members

Got a Question?

Looking to connect with others in children's ministry?  Spend some time in the Kidology Discussion Forums. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Kidology Open Source Curriculum

Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a FREE set of tools you download, remix, and share with others!  Budget-friendly 3-year curriculum for church, home, & school

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Zero, 100, or Bonus: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Luke 2:14

A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God's amazing Word and here's a Bible game based on Luke 2:14.

Karl's Thanksgiving Lesson

A complete summary of Karl's lastest Thanksgiving lesson with a bonus PowerPoint game.  

4 Proven Ways To Get On Your Boss' Good Side

It's important when working in a church environment that you have a strong personal relationship with your boss. Read these tips to see what you can do to improve that relationship.

Who Am I?: A Bible Memory Verse Activity for Kids for Colossians 3:16

A Bible memory verse activity is a great way to teach God’s amazing Word. Here’s a Bible game based on Colossians 3:16.

It's All About Who You Know

Networking works wonders in ministry when we involve God in the process.

7 Deadly Sins of Kidmin Pastors

Do you want to be in kid's ministry for the long haul? If you do, here is a list of sins to avoid.

10 Children's Ministry Secrets

Not everything in ministry is self-evident. Some things that seem true—or effective—can produce substandard results. Read these tips on how to be most effective in your ministry.

Books of the Bible Card Games

Looking for new ideas for teaching the books of the Bible to your class? These Books of the Bible Cards are a great way for kids to interact with and learn the books of the Bible. Includes instructions for 7 different games.

Two Trips to the Grocery Store: A Parable about Biblical Relationships

Do you and your kids have a contract relationship or a covenant relationship?

A Twist on Volunteer Training:

Training and equipping our kidmin leaders is of utmost importance if we want them to lead well in their ministry area and to have longevity in serving with us.

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kids ministry newsletters

Group also publishes one...

Kidmin Talk #75 - Tips for Greeting Kids

This thread is for discussion of Kidmin Talk #075 Welcome to the 75th Kidmin Talk Podcast! Karl shares some of his secrets for connecting with kid...

FREE Whats in the Bible Series!

Done! Thank you for the opportunity....

FREE Whats in the Bible Series!

It's still active - go ahead and comment there, I'll update date....

FREE Whats in the Bible Series!

I came across the Give Away last week and was excited to see no one had entered. Then I noticed, as Kathy said, it ended November 14th....

FREE Whats in the Bible Series!

The detail say give awAy Nov 14 and this is Nov 24 Favorite buck but we live Michael too...

FREE Whats in the Bible Series!

It's super easy to get your hands on a FREE Whats in the Bible Christmas series. Details Here. No one has even entered at this posting, so chances are...

Lead Small

We ask our small group leaders to commit to serving at least through the school year (sept-June) We give them the option of taking the summer off, (so...

Best Family Pastor Resources

I have changed positions with this new move of mine about 7 months ago from being strictly children to over sight of birth through young married coupl...

Ideas for Age Group 0-3 in One Room

Thanks for the suggestions, Karl. I appreciate your input! ...

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Featured Store Items

Stickers Through the Bible - 1st Quarter Stickers Through the Bible - 1st Quarter
Genesis through Exodus 
Your Price: $99.00
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Stickers Through the Bible - 2nd Quarter Stickers Through the Bible - 2nd Quarter
Numbers through 1 Kings 
Your Price: $79.00
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Stickers Through the Bible - 3rd Quarter Stickers Through the Bible - 3rd Quarter
1 Kings through Jonah 
Your Price: $99.00
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Stickers Through the Bible - 4th Quarter Stickers Through the Bible - 4th Quarter
Birth of Jesus through Paul's Shipwreck 
Your Price: $99.00
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A Dad's Gotta Do What A Dad's Gotta Do A Dad's Gotta Do What A Dad's Gotta Do
A Book For Dads and Sons 
Your Price: $14.99
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Bright Ideas for Children's Ministry - Volume 1 Bright Ideas for Children's Ministry - Volume 1
24 Kidmin Experts Share Their Best Ideas! 
Your Price: $14.99
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New in Online Training

Ban This Word from Kidmin

Espresso Education! - A Shot of Concentrated Kidmin Training. In this episode Karl talks about a word he wants BANNED from children's ministry as we realize our value to God as we minister to kids!

Surviving and Thriving in Leadership

Learn life lessons from a twenty year veteran of ministry who shares openly what he has learned about how to survive and thrive in ministry.

Episode 7: Object Lessons!

The seventh episode of "The Kids Church Cooking Show", a training video for The Kids Church Cookbook, takes a look at the many ways you can use object lessons to enhance your teaching in children's church.

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Recent Job Openings

Pastor of Children and Young Families
There is a Pastor of Children and Young Families job opening in md

Children's Ministry Coordinator
There is a Children's Ministry Coordinator job opening in CO

Minister of Children and Families
There is a Minister of Children and Families job opening in VA

Children's Ministry Pastor
There is a Children's Ministry Pastor job opening in PA

Director of Children's Ministry
There is a Director of Children's Ministry job opening in VA

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New in the Resource Directory

Teach Us the Bible
Children's ministry curriculum with timeless Bible stories, engaging activities, and modern technology. Free for small churches and church plants. Pricing is based on the size of your children's ministry.

Worlds of Wow!
Worlds of Wow! is the #1 company partnering with churches creating ridiculously cool, fun environments impacting kids and families.

Kids Bible Coloring Pages
Use these free, printable Bible coloring pages for your church in your Children's Ministry, Sunday School or any other group. Your children will have a fun time learning all the books of the Bible by creatively coloring each page and coloring bible scripture pages.

Kid's Fest Live, Inc.
We believe that elementary and preteens deserve excellence. No short-cuts! Our stage and style show just that. President and Founder, Jeff Hooper has served in Children's Ministry for over 20 years and his desire is contagious when reaching this generation!

Sparrow Chalk Art Ministries
Children's Ministry of Chalk and Blacklight Drawings, Original VBS and Camp Programs and Unique Upbeat Music with Scripture as the basis of the presentations.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #075 - November 25th, 2014
Karl shares some of his secrets for connecting with kids as they arrive at church using humor, props and strategic questions.

Kidmin Talk #074 - November 7th, 2014
Kids ask the craziest questions! Karl shares two stories of kids stumping him. One where a kid caught him teaching something unbiblical that you probably are too! And another who had a question the whole pastor staff couldn't answer, but a NASCAR fan could! Be reminded of the importance of encouraging kids to challenge us!

Kidmin Talk #073 - October 8th, 2014
After two months of podcast silence Karl returns with an update on Kidology.org's 20th birthday and other news and updates for his faithful podcast listeners, and also asks for some input on podcast format. Listen in!

Kidmin Talk #072 - August 4th, 2014
Karl interviews Gerald Hinson, creator of the amazing new David vs. Goliath App from RighteousTales.com - learn about this incredible new iPad app for kids as well as tips for using the iPad for engaging kids at church. Features a special guest appearance by Karl's eight year old son, Luke.

Kidmin Talk #071 - July 21st, 2014
Karl shares what apps he uses to make ministry easier and more effective with an iPad; from management to volunteer encouragement to child security to connecting with kids. This is the age of iMinistry!

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian


FREE Thanksgiving Lessons!

Wow! How would you like some amazing FREE Thanksgiving Video Based lessons from Pop Up Good News?

These fun, interactive teaching videos are ideal for your young learners and the topic is perfect for November! Whether you use them in your regular programming or for a time when you need to provide quality care - make it a productive time with Pop Up Good News!

Watching these reminded me of watching Nina on Sprouts when my boy was little.

Each video also comes with a lesson plan and activity sheets.

I know the best way to evaluate something is to TRY IT, so I asked the creator if he would share a lesson with Kidology Premium Members, and Scott surprised me by offering an entire series on Thanksgiving! That's FIVE complete videos and lessons.

How can you get this? Log into your membership on Kidology.org and visit the Member Perks for November.

Then, head over to PopUpGoodNews.com to learn about how you can get these videos and lessons each and every month for your young learners!

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