Kidology rocks my world. Thanks for all you do. I went to a conference of yours around 8 years ago. Been hooked on what you do ever since.
- Chris
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Kidology Turns 20!

For 20 years, Kidology.org has remained the leader in content and services for those who minister to kids! Click over to wish Kidology a Happy Birthday!


We know children's ministry moves fast. Sometimes you need a resource, tool, or curriculum ASAP. Kidology is here to help. Your kidmin resource is just a click away!


Jammed Packed with Bright Ideas

24 Kidmin Experts share their best ideas for object lessons, crafts, games, worship, missions, teaching, technology, leadership, and more!

Buy USED and SAVE in the Garage Sale

Make your children's ministry dollars stretch farther by shopping for bargains on gently-used items in the Kidology Garage Sale!

Registration OPEN for Yosemite Summit 2015

Yosemite Summit is a 5-day personal sabbatical for male children's pastors that takes place May 17-21, 2015 at Yosemite National Park. Register TODAY!

Kids Bulletins Now Available

Kidsword Children's Worship Bulletins -- available for two age groups -- are $2 off for Kidology Premium Members

Curriculum for Any Church!

Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. DiscipleTown has what you need!

How do you spell S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N?

U-Turn Cards -- new from Karl Bastian -- create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrate the "Romans Road" salvation message.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum

Discovering God's Path Curriculum is a 3-year reproducible curriculum released FREE on a rotating quarterly basis as a benefit for Kidology Premium Members

Got a Question?

Looking to connect with others in children's ministry?  Spend some time in the Kidology Discussion Forums. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Kidology Open Source Curriculum

Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a FREE set of tools you download, remix, and share with others!  Budget-friendly 3-year curriculum for church, home, & school

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Pajamarama: Mother-Daughter Event Idea

Here's a great idea for a mother-daughter event that you can host at your church. 

21 Conversation Starters To Get Your Family Talking

Use these conversation starters to get your family talking!

Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About Speaking

Do you ever wonder why your message fell flat? Maybe you need to work less on the content and more on the delivery. 

3 Steps to Successful Recruiting

I have 3 steps to help recruit in children's ministry. Know where you are going, know who you are recruiting, and know what's next.  

Playing on God's Team Unit Overview

This is an overview of the GOD'S TEAM series with links to all the lessons.  

Volunteer eTips - April 2015

Turn Spectators Into Participants; Rhythm Transition; Questions That Get Kids Thinking; Code Word Cue

Kidology Report - April 2015

How Do You Measure Success; Under New Management; Making Memories; and MORE!

Children's Sermon on Forgiveness

This is a children's object lesson that we came up with for forgiveness.

Preparing for Special Needs Kids

Are you prepared for special needs kids in your ministry? Here are 10 tips to help you!

April 2015 Premium Member Perks

It pays to be a Premium Member on Kidology.org - not only is our site content growing daily, but each month we offer valuable resources exclusively for Premium Members. Many of these downloads are available this month only, so snag 'em while you can!

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Kidmin Talk #78 - Story Telling

Angel, so glad you enjoyed the podcast! I made you a quick YouTube video to show you the motions of my rabbit song! Enjoy! You can get the Andy and...

Kidmin Talk #78 - Story Telling

I loved this podcast!! I love all of them, I'm soaking it all up like a sponge. Where can I see the motions to the bunny story? As I was listening ...

Childrens budget

Budgets are going to vary depending on demographic, overall church budget, and the programming you have in place. I've had budgets from $1500 to $40,0...

Kidmin or CPC?

James, CPC is fantastic, here is a post I wrote on Why CPC?, and you'll find many CPC blog posts from over the years. Every conference is different -...

team competition

How about a team building activity--swim party, pizza party, amusement park outing, etc....

team competition

We'll be having a team competition this Summer (June and July) along with 252's superhero theme. YAY. Each small group will be a team (4 teams). They ...

Kidmin or CPC?

I've been to CPC numerous times in the past but considering the Kidmin Conf. 2015 in Chicago...how does it compare? How is it different? is it worth...

Leadership and Volunteer Training

Thanks Tom - great suggestions. I have found that most voluteers aren't able or won't make the time for in-person conferences, so providing training t...

Avengers series

That would be so awesome...the kids would love that....

Avengers series

Wow...so cool! hmm...we could add: Black Widow: be ready Hawkeye: aim at the prize idk, too much of a stretch? ...

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52 Lessons 
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24 Kidmin Experts Share Their Best Ideas! 
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New in Online Training

Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

10 Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

Tips for Teaching All Ages

This was a volunteer training session in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2014. The topic is ministry to kids of all ages - from nursery tips (how to quiet any crying baby) to preschool and grade school tips for relating to and teaching children.

The Vanishing Salt Shaker

Amaze the kids the next time you eat out by making the restaurant's salt shaker pass right through a solid table! No secret props, use only materials at the table. It's a fun way to connect with kids the next time you eat out!

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Recent Job Openings

Children's Pastor
There is a Children's Pastor job opening in GA

Director of Children's Ministries
There is a Director of Children's Ministries job opening in TX

Director of Children's Ministry
There is a Director of Children's Ministry job opening in AL

Children's Ministry Director
There is a Children's Ministry Director job opening in TX

Children's Pastor
There is a Children's Pastor job opening in CO

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New in the Resource Directory

TTPM offers expert reviews along with price comparisons and availability for the best playthings.

KidSpot Inc.
KidSpot is more than a curriculum. It's all the resources you will need to create an unforgettable day camp experience for your kids!

Mr. Heath Music
It's children's comedy hour with Mr. Heath! If you want children's entertainment that's fun, faith-focused, engaging and interactive you should definitely hire Mr. Heath.

Impress Kids
Impress Kids is a Bible memory solution for this generation of children. We are leveraging Web and mobile devices to make Bible memory as effective as possible.

Impress Kids is in Christian churches, homes, and day schools, and everywhere else boys and girls around the world are becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

Heart of Holiness
Heart of Holiness offers services to local churches all throughout the US. We offer coaching for children, youth, and family ministries. In addition to these, discipleship coaching and seminars.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #078 - April 14th, 2015
Learn how to become an amazing story teller through practical tips and sample stories you will love! Also, get in early on Karl's new Minecraft World your kids can play in.

Kidmin Talk #077 - February 24th, 2015
Karl reveals 10 Practical Tips for connecting with kids. Learn the secrets of forming meaningful friendships with kids so you can have a lasting impact while seeing your effectiveness as a teacher improve.

Kidmin Talk #076 - January 29th, 2015
By popular demand, Gus is back as Karl shares "The Three Secrets" for being an effective teacher/minister to kids. Apply these, and something amazing will happen soon in your kidmin!

Kidmin Talk #075 - November 25th, 2014
Karl shares some of his secrets for connecting with kids as they arrive at church using humor, props and strategic questions.

Kidmin Talk #074 - November 7th, 2014
Kids ask the craziest questions! Karl shares two stories of kids stumping him. One where a kid caught him teaching something unbiblical that you probably are too! And another who had a question the whole pastor staff couldn't answer, but a NASCAR fan could! Be reminded of the importance of encouraging kids to challenge us!

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian

Kidmin? There's an App for That!


We are excited to announce that Kidology.org now has an iPhone/iPad App!

FlappyBulbNot only can you quickly and easily see what's new in the Zones, Store, my blog, listen to my podcast - there are bonus tools for sharing the Gospel, a free eBook, and much more!

There is even a fun (but challenging) flappy bird style game to waste time with! Play Flappy Bulb!


PLUS, find out how you can get an APP FOR YOUR OWN KIDMIN and as a Kidology Subscriber, save money too! Soon your families can keep up with yoru children's ministry on your app, and its very affordable! Details in the App!

So now you can have Kidology.org anywhere you are!





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