Its been a long and tiresome month and today I felt so drained sitting here in my office. So I put on the new podcast and listened as my spirit got refreshed! Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement in children's ministry!!
- Lizi Oates
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 A new companion lesson is available for Karl's book, Andy and the Ants. Use ants to teach kids about the incarnation!

How do you spell S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N?

U-Turn Cards -- new from Karl Bastian -- create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrate the "Romans Road" salvation message.


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3 Reasons Why Kids Need Systematic Theology

Times have changed. As children's pastors and parents, we need to realize that our kids need more than what we're teaching.

Questions Kids Ask About God

Kids have questions, naturally. One of the best ways to interact and lead them closer to God is by engaging with their questions.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #013 - We Are Not Gods

Give the glory to God the Creator of all things.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #012 - Struck by an Angel

Praying for one another.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #011 - Double Vision

The Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ is for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #010 - Tabitha Arise

Serve one another in love.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #009 - Blinded by the Light

God can change (transform) us.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #008 - Stephen's Story

Stephen showed mercy and forgiveness to his attackers.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #007 - Liar, Liar

Always tell the truth and don't be greedy.

Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #006 - Power

We can ask for God's spirit to heal and give us power to do God's work.

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#108 OT Overview: Lessons 21-30

Thank you for taking time to do this Andy!!...

40 Days of Community

OK, time to update this, as I've gotten several emails asking for this unit! Below is a download link to my folder on my computer (Dropbox link) with...

Game Ideas for Church Picnic

Thanks Wanda!...

Game Ideas for Church Picnic

Capture the Flag - can really be fun if everyone gets involved. Takes team work and stretegizing....

Game Ideas for Church Picnic

I am responsible for the games for the Sunday School/church picnic and I want to do something really fun. What fun games have you played at church pic...

Discovering God’s Path Curriculum

Thank you for your response. Made my own stuff where I needed it but your suggestions will be helpful later on! Glad to have this material! ...

Kids Worship music elementary kids love

Uncle Charlie's Made to Praise music is a staple of many kid's worship programs. You can also check out God's Kids Worship. Both are available throu...

#314 VK Games and Resources

Thank you both very much! Appreciate it. ...

Kids Worship music elementary kids love

What is the best resources and websites where you can buy Kids worship songs with motions that kids love! Our kids love jumpstart3 is there any other ...

Easter Production Ideas

Every year we try to involve our Children's Ministry into regular service for Holidays (Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas, etc.). We typicall...

Children's Pastors Conference 2-Day 2016
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Object lesson game for Valentine's Day 
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Companion Lesson for the Book by Karl bastian 
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24 Kidmin Experts Share Their Best Ideas! 
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Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

10 Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

Tips for Teaching All Ages

This was a volunteer training session in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2014. The topic is ministry to kids of all ages - from nursery tips (how to quiet any crying baby) to preschool and grade school tips for relating to and teaching children.

The Vanishing Salt Shaker

Amaze the kids the next time you eat out by making the restaurant's salt shaker pass right through a solid table! No secret props, use only materials at the table. It's a fun way to connect with kids the next time you eat out!

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Children's Ministry Director
There is a Children's Ministry Director job opening in NC

Preschool Coordinator
There is a Preschool Coordinator job opening in Bl

Minister of Pre-schoolers and Children in Spiritual Formation
There is a Minister of Pre-schoolers and Children in Spiritual Formation job opening in NC

Children's Pastor/Director
There is a Children's Pastor/Director job opening in

Pastor to Children and Families
There is a Pastor to Children and Families job opening in TX

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SwordSmith Records
We write songs that help kids memorize God's Word! All of them come straight from Scripture.

TTPM offers expert reviews along with price comparisons and availability for the best playthings.

KidSpot Inc.
KidSpot is more than a curriculum. It's all the resources you will need to create an unforgettable day camp experience for your kids!

Mr. Heath Music
It's children's comedy hour with Mr. Heath! If you want children's entertainment that's fun, faith-focused, engaging and interactive you should definitely hire Mr. Heath.

Impress Kids
Impress Kids is a Bible memory solution for this generation of children. We are leveraging Web and mobile devices to make Bible memory as effective as possible.

Impress Kids is in Christian churches, homes, and day schools, and everywhere else boys and girls around the world are becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #082 - December 22nd, 2015
As we head into a New Year, learn the powerful secret to making your dreams and goals come true in the months ahead. We all want to improve and be better at who we are and what we do - this podcast will empower you to do just that!

Kidmin Talk #081 - November 30th, 2015
One of the basic responsibilities of a children's ministry leader or teacher is to equip children to use their Bibles. Long after we are gone, the Bible will be available to help kids, if we have trained them to use it. In this podcast gain some practical ideas for making the Bible exciting to kids!

Kidmin Talk #080 - October 30th, 2015
What can Kidmin's learn from the Saga of Star Wars? Surprisingly, because of it's massive success, Star Wars almost didn't happen. George Lucas stuck to a vision he had, despite incredible odds, and prevailed. The rest is history. What is the lesson for us who lead kids ministires?

Kidmin Talk #079 - May 5th, 2015
Ministry is exhausting - it is draining - it is hectic and dangerous to the soul of those who seek to minister to others. Like a sponge that needs regular refilling in order to pour out, Karl shares three "secrets" to keeping spiritually F.I.T. They are lessons often learned the hard way - you'll be challenged and quipped to get refilled again!

Kidmin Talk #078 - April 14th, 2015
Learn how to become an amazing story teller through practical tips and sample stories you will love! Also, get in early on Karl's new Minecraft World your kids can play in.

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian


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– Erica J., Kansas City, Missouri

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