We absolutely love Kidology.org! I recommend it to everyone. Our team and our kids love the ToyBox Tales and the lessons that go along with them. You are most definitely achieving your purpose as well as teaching and inspiring our team to do the same. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU AND YOUR TEAM DO!
-Leslie L. Corey
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Why Join Kidology.org?

Often duplicated, never reproduced.

There is simply no kidmin website on the Internet that offers so much - for such an incredible value! Allow me to explain more about Kidology.org, as it can be an overwhelming website - THERE IS SO MUCH!

A brief history - started in 1994, before Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, PayPal, YouTube or many of the other popular sites, Kidology.org pioneered the Internet as the first membership site on the Internet - before credit cards were being processed online, folks were mailing in a check! We have believed from the beginning that customers are willing to pay for great content at a great value. "Free" can be misleading. Free sites are riddled with obnoxious advertising, often have very little truly to offer, and are not able to provide the personalized help and support that a company with paid staff can.

This isn't to say there isn't a lot of great free stuff online, but the work it takes to find what you are looking for can be time consuming! Kidology.org brings it all together in one place, often offering the same content as other free sites. This is due to the partnerships we have with those sites to reprint their material in order to help increase their traffic.

For pennies a day, Kidology.org offers not only a massive amount of content, but personal assistance you can't find anywhere else.

Let me introduce you to just some of the things that a Kidology Membership offers you.

  • Over 5000 digital resources are available in the Content ZonesThink of what you pay in kidmin books - the Zones are loaded with creative content, ideas, resouces, curriculum, skits, puppet shows, object lessons, and so much more. This alone would be worth the modest membership fee. Of course, it's all searchable.
  • Over 2,000 kidmin resources in our Store, most with Membership Discounts. It's like Costco or Sam's Club for the resources you need the most! We are adding new items monthly - but only those that pass our high quality standards.
  • While everyone can browse the LARGEST KIDMIN RESOURCE DIRECTORY on the Internet, Premium Members can submit their listing and update as needed in the My Kidology membership center. Whether you are looking for a speaker, performer, mission agency, camp, or something else, this is the place to start!
  • Kidology Offers a complete Online Training program for leaders. The training videos from Ministry Foundations, to Visionary Leading, Partnering with Parents and more are FREE for Premium Members to view. More detailed download kits are available to further your study at member discounts. Can't attend college? This is a great option. There are also practical videos on puppetry, magic, ballooning and more!
  • Ministry videos from the popular Toybox Tales to Worship Videos are available to Premium Members. Kids love these videos.
  • For those looking for ministry change, or churches seeking a Children's Pastor, our Job Center was created to assist in this process. Many have made the connections they needed in our job center.
  • View COMPLETE List of Benefits


There is much more! We often hear from our members that they wish they had joined long ago - once they discover everything that awaits them in the Membership area.

Kidology is always creating innovative ministry tools for our members who can get them either free, or greatly discounted. Whether it is a VBS Follow Up Kit, a salvation presentation like the U-Turn Cards, or seasonal games like our Clue Hunts, there is a vast collection of the tools you are looking for.

JOIN TODAY so you can get in on the goodies!

NOTE: As a non-profit ministry, our membership fee is to help support our significant cost of running and maintaining this website. However, we will gladly give a free membership to anyone who cannot afford one. If you are a student, missionary, overseas where the exchange rate is prohibitize, or at a small church that sincerely can't afford the modest membership fee, simply contact support with your reason for requesting a scholarship, and it's yours, for free!

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