Karl, I spent my whole day just sitting in front of my computer viewing your training videos - the Kids Church Cooking Show ones; using storytelling, puppets, balloons, magics, object lessons and also about "Evaluating your Ministry" telling about how you diagnose the health of your ministry. Honestly I could say that it was indeed a realization and a blessing spending time watching and hearing those words and insights from you. I was thinking of the ministry that God has entrusted to me, I work with children church for almost five years now and I realize that there are a lot of things that was missing. I decide to talk to God and early this morning when I woke up I prayed to God to really bring back that passion of ministering with the kids because I think sometimes it's just for the sake of work, because I was assigned to work with kids and the very main goal of making disciples has not been realized. Today I was determined to take time to spend time praying for children's ministry and that God will use me effectively. Thank you.
- Inspired, Mona
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Spooky Lessons of the Bible 4-Week Curriculum

4-Lesson Halloween Series helping kids overcome fear
Spooky Lessons of the Bible 4-Week Curriculum

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Spooky Lessons of the Bible is a 4-lesson series by Karl Bastian that will guide your children to a biblical understanding of life, showing how Jesus defeated death. While our culture obsesses with spookiness, this series will redeem the season in a way you've never seen before, all while allowing your children to enjoy the season in a wholesome and fun manner.

Equip your kids with the knowledge to face their fears. Halloween provides our culture with a way of making light of death, and yet that nagging question remains: "What will happen to me after I die?" Provide kids the answer that Jesus conquered Death. We can teach them that we know a Savior who faced death, destroyed it, and can raise us up too!

Note from the Author:
Why Write a Spooky Bible Lesson?


  • 4 Complete Bible-Based Lesson Plans loaded with Scripture
  • "Spooky" Bible stories
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Game Ideas
  • Optional "Gross Guessing Game"
  • Fun "Scream Theme" main lesson point
  • Small Group discussion questions
  • Practical application ideas
  • A fun, short, (non-scary!) "Mr. Bones" video segment
  • Editable letters/e-mails to send parents each week
  • Extra weekly bonus ideas
Bonus Materials:
  • Customizable PowerPoint
  • Bonus "Spooky" Bible story
  • "The Jesus Chant" Worship Song
  • MP3 instructions for "The Jesus Chant"
  • Access to 9 bonus "scary" roller coaster videos!
Also included... Additional information & samples

Need just 1 lesson? Spooky Lessons of the Bible: Death Has No Sting is also available!

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