I would like to thank Kidology for providing an invaluable service to our missionary work in the city of Georgetown, Guyana. We have grown to rely on Kidology's curriculum that facilitates our Sunday School program in serving over 30 children each week.
- Dyani Tijero
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Missions Zone

70% of Missionaries Received Their Call to Missions as a Child!

Help inform and inspire children to be a missionary on their block, in their school, and around the world! Here in the Missions Zone you can find ideas for teaching and promoting Missions among the children of your church or ministry!

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Premium The Secret Church

Graphics, in a PowerPoint presentation, that are adaptable for many mission presentations.

Premium Country Name Tags

This is a fun way to get kids thinking about different countries around the world throughout an entire missions program! Rename them the name of a country for a service!

Premium Globe Race!

A simple, fun, and exciting game that will help children realize that our country is just a small part of much larger world!

Premium Jesus in My Neighborhood? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 3 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on JESUS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. The video features Jesus visiting a boy for his bedtime prayers and giving him a surprise answer to prayer!

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (3 of 3)
Premium Missions Airplane Trip

This is a great way to take kids on a "trip" they will never forget.

Missions Event
Premium New Ways to Do the WORDLESS BOOK!

Everyone has seen a Wordless Book, here are some NEW ways to present it! Get Creative!!

Wordless Book Variety
Premium Share Your Testimony

Help your kids learn about the change becoming a Christian makes by sharing your testimony.

Premium The Romans Road to Heaven!

Simple way to present the gospel message using 8 verses from Romans.

Gospel, Evangelism,
Premium Ticket to Heaven Game

A game by Karl Bastian that visually illustrates the eternal impact of sharing your faith. Includes a complete video of the game in action!  

The Gospel
Premium Who is Jesus? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 1 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium Members) on WHO IS JESUS. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (1 of 3)
Premium Who is My Neighbor? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 2 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Your Neighbor?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (2 of 3)
Premium 5 Ways to Raise Support for a Family Missions Trip

Need to raise support for a family missions trip? Here are some great ideas for raising support!

Family Missions Trips
Premium Backyard Evangelism for Children's Ministry

An exciting form of outreach in the perfect location for reaching kids.

Outreach, Missions, Event
Premium Bring Your Bible for Misssions

Use this simple incentive to help grow your children's hearts for missions and encourage them to bring their Bibles.

Premium Children's Missions Resources

A huge list of great Missions resources for your Children's Ministry

Missions, Resources
Premium Five Reasons To Take Your Family On a Missions Trip

Gather your family and get ready to hit the road (or the air) as you stretch your faith together and reach out in another culture.

Family, Missions
Premium Flatman and Bobbin Go Into All The World

Flatman and Bobbin learn the Great Commission.  

Premium Halloween Movie Outreach Kit

This time of year is notorious for its association with darkness, but Jesus says we are the light of the world! So, let's get out there and shine with Operation Flashlight!

Outreach, Halloween
Premium Honduras: Play It!

Honduras is primarily a poor country, but Honduran kids have a great time playing simple games they create using items they can easily find. Try both of these ways to enjoy a game Honduran style!

Games from Honduras
Premium How Can They Hear?

This is a skit to help explain to children why we give money for compassion projects and not just money for Bibles.

Basic Is Your Children's Ministry Outwardly Focused?

Is your church outwardly focused? Are you reaching out to the people in your community?

Missions, Outreach
Premium It's Not About the Puppets

Reaching kids is not primarily about having the right physical tools. Remind yourself what it IS about.

Using your Gifts and Resources
Premium Maintain Your Mission

For the Church to effectively utilize its resources and to fulfill its mandate to reach all nations, missions education must be integrated into the core of Christian education.

Missions, curriculum
Premium Next Generation Partnership

See this vast study of church partnership with missions organizations and get practical ideas that you can apply in your ministry.

Premium Praxis of Nurture in Small Churches

Glen Woods is well known as thoughtful practitioner of children's ministry. Here he offers his doctoral dissertation on family ministry especially as it relates to small church ministry. For those willing to dive into the topic seriously, they will find this engaging, challenging and thought provoking.  

Partnering with Parents
Premium Seed Pictures

Children in Tanzania must create their own fun and toys, since many families have little money. Let your kids be creative with this fun project!

Premium Tanzania: Taste It!

Here is a sweet snack called mandazi that children in Tanzania like to eat for breakfast!

Food from Tanzania
Premium Ten Ways to Mobilize Kids for Missions

More and more children’s ministry leaders and parents are interested in getting kids involved in service, outreach, and missions. But how can we get today’s kids on the move? Here are ten key ingredients for motivating kids to focus on the needs of others.

Children's Ministry, Missions
Premium Think Like a Missionary

What methods do we use to teach our kids to be missionaries?

Premium South American Children's Festival

A carnival type event that features South American games, foods, and crafts.

Premium Wii Care

A night of video game fun with a purpose.

Outreach, Missions
Basic Amazing Kids! Amazing God!

Here's a great idea for your next free will offering collection. Excellent for camp or VBS!

Free Will Offering
Premium Disney's Mulan & Missions

This skit uses Disney's Mulan to encourage kids to participate in a foreign missions related fundraiser. Though this version was written for Awana Adopt-A-Club, it can be used for any missions project.

Funding Raising for Missions
Basic Caravan Friends

CaravanFriends.org introduces children to missions and Asian peoples. Get free Bible-based stories, games and activities! Great tools for parents or teachers.

Free Kids Missions Resources
Premium A Missionary Right Where You Are

Showing the children they can be a missionary to the homeless person.

Premium Around the World in Two Hours

A group activity to help introduce kids to the mission field by allowing them to experience foods, crafts, and stories from the various cultures.

Premium Beautiful Feet

"Beautiful Feet" lesson ideas all related to witnessing and/or missions.

Evangelism / Missions
Premium Feeding the Homeless

Raising money to feed the homeless

Premium Get a Kick Out of Sharing

Sponsored by World Vision, your kids can become good servants (and sharers) and get involved with missions to kids all around the world by "Getting a Kick Out of Sharing!"

Premium Globe Race

You will need 2 matching globes for this game that can be used just for fun or to introduce a talk on world missions.

Premium Good Works Team

What do you get when you combine kids, their parents, and a needy senior adult in your church or community? Blessings overflowing!

Ministry to elderly
Premium Household Bible Items for Missions

A simple idea to get families thinking about and supporting missions throughout the year.

Missions - Fund Raising
Premium How Can We Reach Sarah?

Why do we have to send missionaries? How come some people have to go overseas, while others can just stay at home and share the Gospel? This is a great illustration.

What is missions?
Premium Mission Trip to Mexico

Take a mission trip to Mexico without ever leaving your church? It's absolutely possible, check out this article to find out how!

In-Building Missions Trip
Premium Missionary Pen Pals

Encourage children to be pen-pals with missionary kids. It will support the missionary kids and broaden your kids' world!

Premium One ‘Cent’ Missionary

An introduction to the Great Commission.

Great Commission
Premium Penny Wars

This is a fund-raising competition we do once a year to raise money for missions.

Missions Fundraising
Premium Praying for the Nations

Use shirt tags as a fun way to help kids pray specifically for the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth and to pray for people around the world.

Leading Kids to Pray
Premium Raising Money for Missions

Creatively encouraging kids to give to missions is sometimes a challenge. Last year at VBS, we raised missions money for Fresh Water Wells in a very creative way. Kids earned the right to dunk different people based on the amount of money raised.

Premium Skinny Buddy

Easy way to raise money for missions

Mission Giving


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