Let me tell you how much I am enjoying the Kidmin Talk episodes.  They are absolutely wonderful. I didn't think they could get better, but you have managed that! The most refreshing thing I have found is I always get an email back when I write. The business world could take a lesson from you guys! Keep up the good work, people are listening!
-Marty McCutcheon
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Halloween Zone

This Zone is for those who use the Halloween holiday as an opportunity for outreach. If your convictions prevent you from doing so, we respect that decision and encourage you to utilize the other areas of the site.

Consider reading When Good People Disagree as you pray about what to do during this season. While we all regret the emphasis on evil during this season, this Zone is for those who seek to redeem the time for the glory of God.

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Basic Bible Character Museum

Bible Character Museum is a simple way to bring Bible characters to life, using either adult/teen volunteers, or older children. This can be used for just about any context, so read on!

Live Action Theater
Premium Fear Not Video

This is a fun intro video on the topic of fear that gives the technical names of funny (but real) fears that people have.

Types of Fears
Basic HallowHim instead of Halloween

Take the opportunity to teach your children about the "Good News" throughout the month of October. Celebrate Jesus and the victory on October 31st - a celebration to HallowHim!!!!

Celebrate HallowHim!
Guest Harvest Festival Shoebox Packing Party

Start an alternative Party with a purpose.

Halloween Alternative
Premium Iron Chef Night

The Bible is our instruction manual - God's cookbook

Halloween alternative
Basic Tract to Attach to Candy

Celebrate Easter on Halloween

Premium Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trunk decorating ideas and a corresponding game for several Bible Stories.

Trunk or Treat
Guest The Enemy's Victory: Darkened Homes and Harvest Parties

The biggest trick played on Halloween is Christian kids and adults being bottled up inside churches or homes all night.

Halloween Hiding?
Premium Broken Toaster

Using a toaster to demonstrate to children that Christians do not need to be afraid of death!

There Is No Need To Fear Death
Premium Don't Blink!

We do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is our helper in times of need. Use this object lesson to communicate this important truth to children!  

Jesus, Fear
Premium When Good People Disagree

Using Halloween as a case study in conflict, this article rises above that issue to provide insight into how Christians should deal with controversial topics, such as Halloween.

Conflict - Halloween
Premium Good News Skittles Printable Gospel Tool for Kids

Try this creative idea using Skittles to share the good news of Jesus with your children. 

Creative Ideas, Gospel Presentation
Premium Halloween Movie Outreach Kit

This time of year is notorious for its association with darkness, but Jesus says we are the light of the world! So, let's get out there and shine with Operation Flashlight!

Outreach, Halloween
Premium On Halloween

You may be offended by this, but every Halloween, the same silly thing happens. This is the only night of the entire year when most of your neighbors and mine are going to come knocking on our doors. The only night.

Halloween Outreach
Premium Preparing for Special Needs Kids

Are you prepared for special needs kids in your ministry? Here are 10 tips to help you!

Special Needs
Guest Why I Celebrate Halloween

We are only days away from the spookiest holiday of the year... and I can’t wait. I would like to give a few reasons why my family and I (as the pastor) choose to participate in this holiday.

Reason for Participation in Halloween
Premium Alternative to Celebrating Halloween

Halloween alternative idea.

Celebrate Halloween with Jesus
Premium Bible Booths for Church Fun Fair

Creative ideas for Bible story-based booths at a fun fair.

Basic Black Light Puppet Show

Puppet show using Carman's "No Monsters!" and Veggie Tales "God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man."

Halloween Music
Premium Cemetery Night

A clever way to present the Gospel on Halloween night. Biblical references are used to disprove the lies Satan and his demons tell us.

Gospel message
Premium Christians Are Like Pumpkins

Christians are really like pumpkins.

Christian Life
Premium Don't Be Fooled by the Wrapper

The world and our Enemy try to deceive us by making sin look yummy, but in the end it tastes horrible!

Bible, Sin
Premium Fall Fun Fest

An example of an alternative outreach other than Trick or Treating on Halloween.

Alternative to Trick or Treating
Premium Fear Factor Party

Used as a Halloween alternative or AWANA event for children.

Handling Fear
Premium Fright Night

A quick puppet skit about how God does not want us to be afraid of the witches, ghosts, and other scary things that go on around Halloween.

Premium Fun for Halloween

Some options for those who like to dress up in costumes for Halloween...

Halloween Outreach
Premium Give me some more of that sweet stuff!

We need to be like a PEZ dispenser and always dispense sweet things out of our mouths.

Christian Life
Premium Gumdrops

Welcome to Candyland! A magical place where every boy and girl wants to live...but think twice. An idle life of sweets is not always what the doctor ordered.

Worldly Desires
Guest Halloween Alternative Ideas for Family Fun

Halloween can be a special family time for the Christian family. Here are some suggestions for making this time more meaningful. Perhaps these suggestions will be helpful in building your own family traditions. Just try one or two this year.

Family Harvest Ideas
Premium Halloween Treats

Ideas for treats to give away at Halloween.

Halloween Treats
Premium Harvest Fest

This is some informations about our Harvest Fest. We do this as a Halloween alternative - giving kids the costumes and candy they want inside the church walls.

Premium How Christians are like Pumpkins

How Jesus cleanes us up.

Premium I Just Don't Understand

Short puppetry skit about why it's important to honor God during the Fall season and not give in to the world, which celebrates the pagan holiday of Halloween.

Premium I Love Candy Bars Skit

The difference between love and like as illustrated by candy bars.

Premium Junk Foods

Are there some mental and spiritual junk foods you need to get rid of? Like books and TV programs which use bad language or have ungodly characters and dirty jokes?

Premium Kids' Festival Outreach Plan

Many have asked for ideas for outreach when your church is doing a festival-type outreach. Here are some ideas...

Premium Life Size Candyland

Variation on Candyland game for families.

Premium Matthew the Marvelous Magician's Miracle

A young magician learns a valuable lesson about trust and God's power.

Creation of Trust
Premium Night Party

Overnight event with a "Jesus is the Light" theme.

Event / Outreach
Premium No Monsters

This PowerPoint can be used in conjucton with the song "No Monsters" by Carman to teach kids that God is always with them!

Premium Outreach to Trick-or-Treaters and their Families

Unique way to reach out to trick-or-treaters and their families.

Premium Super Slime LIVE

Using your church to bring the Gospel to kids on October 31st in such an awesome way that they don't miss going trick or treating.

Halloween Alternative
Premium The Death of Salsa

This is a great object lesson idea that I heard from Rob Bell once. The main point is to illustrate how death in so many cases actually brings us life.

Fear of Death
Premium The Quest

A quest through different rooms (reminiscent of the Indiana Jones adventures) to find the answer to Eternal Life.

Halloween Outreach
Premium Tract 'n Treat

Take a group of kids out on Trick or Treat night; have them give up their right to recieve in order to give a treat and a track to witness for Christ.

Halloween Evangelism
Premium Trunk or Treat

This is a fun Halloween outreach idea.

Halloween Outreach
Premium U-Haul or Treat

The classic Children's Ministry Halloween alternative can be revamped with this idea! Rent a U-Haul to use as your "Trunk" and develop a theme.

Great addiction to Trunk or Treat
Premium Uncle Henry’s Red Candies

A son does not obey his mother and eats a red hot candy and his mouth pays dearly for it.

Premium What to Do About Halloween?

What should a Christian do about Halloween? How did Halloween get started? Find out this and more in this tract and PowerPoint presentation!



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