What I love most is how just getting on your site can refuel me and get me fired up again, even during those times when you think you can't teach another lesson, or do one more show. Thank you for your site, and the fire you have for Christ that can be felt by anyone who comes on this site!
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Flatman and Bobbin Zone

Over 20 years ago, Kidology founder Karl Bastian invented Flatman and Bobbin with the classic puppet script about when Flatman and Bobbin get saved. Since then, many others, inspired by this bubbling duo have written their own scripts, posted YouTube videos and kept the legend of Flatman and Bobbin alive and growing.

The Flatman & Bobbin Zone is dedicated to the bubbling efforts of these intrepid heroes! Feel free to use the scripts you'll find here for your own puppet shows and dramas, and to write and post your own too! Also included are complete lessons that included the scripts.

And Karl would love to see pictures of YOUR Flatman and Bobbin, just post on the Kidology Facebook Page!

Get the Flat Script Book - a collection of 24 drama/puppet scripts featuring our bumbling duo super zeroes teaching biblical truths!

This collection features the 5 original scripts by Karl, as well as 19 additional scripts contributed by others in kidmin. The 74-page collection features both PDF and Microsoft Word versions to download so you can modify easily for your own use.

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Basic Flatman and Bobbin #1 The Bumbling Duo Discover the Gospel!

Two bumbling superheroes find a pamphlet with the words "The Gospel" written on it. They put it in a decoder and heed the message.  

Premium Flatman and Bobbin #2 The Dynamite Donut Detonator!

The bumbling superheroes are back and find out that a criminal they had put in jail has been released. They first are convinced that he must have tricked the guards. They later learn that he is helping out a soup kitchen feeding the poor, thus learning that nobody is beyond hope.  

Premium Flatman and Bobbin #3 The Destructo!

The Bumbling Duo save Messyopolis by discovering the secret to defeating The Destructo and learn that everyone needs encouragement!  

Premium Flatman and Bobbin Save Mother's Day! (#4)

The bumbling duo saves the world from a mother who was forgotten on Mother's Day—and all children are warned to love their mothers.

Mother's Day
Premium Flatman and Bobbin Discover the Trinity (#5)

The Bumbling Duo Discover and Discuss the Trinity.  

Premium Bobbin Learns About Power

Exciting puppet script that will teach your kids about power through this humerous skit.

Power, Superhero
Premium Flatman & Bobbin and the Deeply Deranged Divider

Flatman and Bobbin face off against the Deeply Deranged Divider, a bitter ex-superhero. They learn to forgive each other, and help the Deeply Deranged Divider forgive also.

Premium Flatman & Bobbin Discover their Purpose

Flatman and Bobbin learn that God has a purpose for their lives through use of the Super Sonic Sound Simplifier (a listening device, we used a megaphone and headphones)

God has a purpose for everyone's life
Premium Flatman & Bobbin on YouTube

Some Flatman and Bobbin Live Action Videos from YouTube  

Flatman Videos
Premium Flatman & Bobbin Search for the Holy Spirit

Flatman and Bobbin learn to listen to the Holy Spirit.  

Holy Spirit
Premium Flatman & Bobbin try to do what is right

Bobbin has a decision-making crisis when he worries aboutalways doing the right thing.  

Doing the Right thing
Premium Flatman and Bobbin - Be Yourself

Bobbin learns an important lesson in that he doesn't need to change himself to please other people. God created you the way you are for His glory.  

Unique, Special
Premium Flatman and Bobbin - Big Church

Get ready for promotion Sunday with this fun skit starring superheros Flatman and Bobbin.

Promotion Sunday, Church
Premium Flatman and Bobbin - Friendship

Flatman and Bobbin learn about choosing good friends  

Premium Flatman and Bobbin - The Babylonian Earth-Scorcher

The Bumbling Duo learn about the Exodus while saving the Messyopolis water supply    

Premium Flatman and Bobbin - The Curse of the Worshipless Germ

Flatman and Bobbin go against a foe to wants to prevent them from worshipping  

Premium Flatman and Bobbin - The Grinch who stole Easter

Flatman and Bobbin rediscover Jesus' death and resurrection

Premium Flatman and Bobbin - The Talent Crisis

Bobbin discovers that he doesn't have to go out of his way to create new talents. God has already gifted him with everything he needs to serve his savior.  

Using our talents for Christ
Premium Flatman and Bobbin and the Instructions

The adventures of Flatman and Bobbin continue as they struggle with obeying instructions.

Instructions, Listening, Rules
Premium Flatman and Bobbin and the Quiet Time

Flatman and Bobbin deal with quiet time as they talk about Devo Boy.

Devotional, Prayer, Devo


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